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4 Tips to Arrange Picnic Equipment

For people whose hobby with backpacking or hiking to the mountains or camping, arranging equipment in a backpack or carrier can be a matter to note, so as not to trouble in the journey. Packing / assembling equipment is a mandatory ritual that is done when going to travel either for a trip in a short time or that takes several days. Actually packing aims to efficiently on equipment and equipment that will be taken when doing a trip.

Bag carrier has a large capacity to carry the goods that we will carry even though the number is quite a lot, so we are comfortable and not troublesome when traveling either backpacking or mountain climbing but if the packing is wrong, it will cause the backpack becomes heavy and not balanced so it would be dangerous for the wearer especially if we are going to do a long journey or mountain climbing.

There are four basic things that must be considered in preparing the goods into the carrier bag before making the climb, namely:

1. The heaviest item must be at the very top and the lightest is at the bottom of the carrier bag. This is so that the toughest goods do not burden the hips that can cause you hard to move so that more spent energy.

2. The preparation of carrier bags between the left and right sides of the weight must be balanced. It is useful for the shoulder to be more comfortable when lifting a backpack and make it easier to maintain balance especially when climbing.

3. Packing the goods and supplies that we need to pay attention to travel time, items that are not important and the provision of excessive will only be a burden.

4. And the most important, bring a carrier that measures in accordance with the physical capabilities we have, if the carrier load exceeds the physical capabilities we have will drain a lot of our energy.