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3 Ways to Brew Coffee

The pleasure of a cup of coffee is not only determined by the type and quality of the coffee. How to brew coffee also affects the taste and aroma of coffee. How to brew the right coffee will produce flavor and aroma of coffee that smells good. Conversely, brewing coffee the wrong way can result in flatulence.

There is no specific provision on how to brew coffee. Besides many people who do not want to care, it is important there is a coffee dish ready to drink. But for a true coffee connoisseur, the simple little things are taken care of to get the distinctive flavor and aroma.

Flavor and aroma of coffee is dependent on how to stir the coffee. Do not be surprised, the price of a cup of coffee in classy shops can soar just because of the way that we cannot do it at home. They brew coffee with super modern equipment.

Here is a simple way of brewing coffee that has been entrenched in our society. As the name implies, this coffee is made by direct crashing between coffee, sugar, and hot water. It is quite simple.

1. The First Way: Coffee on Sugar
This trivial thing is rarely noticed. Most people brew their original coffee. Coffee and sugar put into a cup, poured hot water, and stirred.

2. Second Way: Coffee First, Then Sugar
This second way is almost the same as the first way. The difference is, in this second way the coffee powder is matured first and then mixed with sugar.

The two ways above are most commonly used by the people of Indonesia. The way is already entrenched from our kitchen kitchens, coffee shops, to the offices. How to brew coffee is indeed a cultural heritage of our ancestors.

3. Third Way: Boiled Coffee
The third way is somewhat different from the first and second way. But essentially the same, heating the coffee powder first in order to obtain optimal maturity of coffee. Here are the steps.
Pouring coffee from one cup to another is repeatedly additionally to dissolve the sugar as well to get water bubbles. This is intended to obtain the maximum flavor and aroma of coffee.